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Tai Chi for Healthy Living

Many people practice Tai Chi for healthy living. But what benefits does it bring? Tai Chi Chuan, Taiji Quan, QiGong or just Tai Chi. What are the differences? Or should we care? Well you probably should for the purpose of knowing what fits you best.

And herein lies the dilemma. For it depends on who you ask and the particular discipline they follow. Some are into the Martial Arts others are into traditions.

What is uncontested is that they all have their place. And while we respect the differences, here at Logan City Tai Chi for Health we are interested in only one thing – the health aspect.

Tai Chi and QiGong For A Healthier Lifestyle

We in the western world can only interpret certain words with the only meanings we have. For example Qi (Chee) which loosely translates in English as energy. Due mainly to the fact the research has not gone far enough – as yet. But that’s another subject we’ll cover later

To the people of China or those raised traditionally, the Qi transposes into different meanings once given context. In traditional Chinese Medicine for instance it is used in diagnosis and treatment of illness. In acupuncture it is used in conjunction with Meridian Points. But in QiGong (Chee Koong), health is the primary factor.
Which Tai Chi Should I Choose
Tai Chi as an art has been practised for millennia. In the parks, courtyards or just about any open space throughout China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and many other countries. Whole communities come together each day to perform their art.

It comes in a myriad of styles and forms. One of the most commonly performed is that of Yang style Tai Chi.  Others can include the Chen, Wu, Hao and Sun styles.

At Logan Tai Chi For Health we encounter people of all ages and physical condition.

We therefore practice a modified form of Tai Chi in combination with QiGong for exercise, relaxation and good health. Here is an interaction with Master Joe Lok passing on an interpretation of circular movement in relation to the practise of such a combination.

Our Instructors


Dennis O’Brien

Classes at Woodridge, Jimboomba, Springwood, Spring Mountain, Logan Village and Logan East


Edwina Tam

Classes at Regents Park, Greenbank, Springwood, and Logan Village.

What Our Students Have to Say

Thoroughly enjoying my time at Tai Chi. Just one hour away from the daily grind is great at any time. The relaxing atmosphere and gentle movent exercise program really is like meditation.
When I first heard about classes in Logan I jumped at the chance. I'd heard so much about the health benefits. Anxiety was my enemy but since practicing to breathe correctly it helps so much.
I'd lead such a busy life as an executive before I retired. I was at a loose end before I started this program. I now realise how much my inner organs needed help. And such relaxing movements.
I had tried Tai Chi a couple of times before this. But each time would be the same. The teacher would just say follow what I do. Nobody had ever explained things the movements like this program does.
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