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The Practice

QiGong (chee-koong) exercises is for guiding participants in the art of Tai Chi for Health. Many cultures around the world have adopted the practise including an explosion of interest in our own communities. Which is exactly why we begin by teaching the foundations of movement with a set of Tai Chi/QiGong movements recognised worldwide.

We also engage people that are chair bound and practice QiGong Healing Exercises to improve their blood flow and air flow. There regular participation says much about the benefits. By opening and channeling Qi (breath energy) throughout the body we can improve on their health outcomes and hopefully improve on their quality of life.

Health Benefits of QiGong

The Healing

You most likely have watched Tai Chi and know yourself the movements are paced. The key to that pace is in the breathing. There have been studies done in China on the effects of QiGong in relation to high blood pressure.  The research was carried out at the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension.  The results served as a model for discovering how QiGong Healing Exercise might affect bodily functions,  especially the lungs. The study followed patients who practised their QiGong for 30 minutes twice a day.

The particular QiGong Healing they practised has laid claim to be especially valuable for preventing the early onslaught of senility. This QiGong style, as is the case in many, consisted of sitting meditation in combination with gentle physical routines with an emphasis on maintaining a calm mind, relaxed body, and controlled breathing. I hope the above video made the benefits of such practise a little more clear.

We have students in their 70’s and 80’s and all the way down to teens.  A few have been practising Tai Chi and QiGong for many years under a number of teachers.  They are a testament to many of these benefits. But the main thing is they enjoy the exercise and the sense of community it brings with it.  So please join us for a class or two and see if we can energise, reinvigorate and ignite the desire to maintain your health.

Our Instructors


Dennis O’Brien

Classes at Woodridge, Jimboomba, Springwood, Spring Mountain, Logan Village and Logan East


Edwina Tam

Classes at Regents Park, Greenbank, Springwood, and Logan Village.

What Our Students Have to Say

Thoroughly enjoying my time at Tai Chi. Just one hour away from the daily grind is great at any time. The relaxing atmosphere and gentle movent exercise program really is like meditation.
When I first heard about classes in Logan I jumped at the chance. I'd heard so much about the health benefits. Anxiety was my enemy but since practicing to breathe correctly it helps so much.
I'd lead such a busy life as an executive before I retired. I was at a loose end before I started this program. I now realise how much my inner organs needed help. And such relaxing movements.
I had tried Tai Chi a couple of times before this. But each time would be the same. The teacher would just say follow what I do. Nobody had ever explained things the movements like this program does.
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