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Tai Chi classes in Logan


Visiting our website is a great place to start if you are looking for Tai Chi classes in Logan.

If you have questions you can use the Contact Form below to make enquiries. Click on our class times for our timetable. You can choose from the list below or just tell us what suburb you are in.  If you wish to know more about the health benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi,  you can start at our Home page.

And, most importantly, if you don’t see a location close to you, perhaps we can start one. But for our current locations we can provide you with relevant information based on the single or multiple locations you choose.

Thank you for showing interest in our programs we look forward to meeting you.

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Please include your suburb when you fill the form. We will send you information on venues closest to you. Bookings are essential (see the FAQ’s section). Phone or text for a more immediate response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the year there can be changes to the program. In warmer months, many classes choose to start earlier to avoid the heat.  There may be a temporary relocation of the venue.  Best to call or email us ahead of your arrival. 

We recommend you wear clothing suitable to light exercise.  T-shirt or light top depending on the weather.  Closed in shoes are essential. No shoes no start. Flat soles if you have them. Joggers or gym shoes are fine also.

We also recommend you alway have a bottle of water handy for hydration.  Sunscreen and a hat are optional but good to keep close by.

Most venues have a sheltered area to escape rain, wind or sun when it is extreme. We will send emails or SMS messages to alert you. We recommend you join our Facebook Group for alerts as well if you are a member.

What Our Students Have to Say

Thoroughly enjoying my time at Tai Chi. Just one hour away from the daily grind is great at any time. The relaxing atmosphere and gentle movent exercise program really is like meditation.
When I first heard about classes in Logan I jumped at the chance. I'd heard so much about the health benefits. Anxiety was my enemy but since practicing to breathe correctly it helps so much.
I'd lead such a busy life as an executive before I retired. I was at a loose end before I started this program. I now realise how much my inner organs needed help. And such relaxing movements.
I had tried Tai Chi a couple of times before this. But each time would be the same. The teacher would just say follow what I do. Nobody had ever explained things the movements like this program does.
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