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About Logan Tai Chi

Logan Tai Chi for Health is sponsored by Logan City Council and the Live Well Logan Community Support Program, to bring healthy living to you. 

We were recruited under the program to deliver Tai Chi instruction in parks and gardens across Logan. Although we much prefer to be called community educators than instructors.

We facilitate the learning rather than teach.  That is, we help you learn what we have practiced for many years. We show people how they can best achieve the flowing movements of an ancient art called Tai Chi.  

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Come say hello or join us for a class. You’ll find us in parks across the region. Well maintained by Logan Council, the parks are a perfect place for this gentle movement exercise.

In fact, people across the world are out in parks doing the same as us every morning. So, what are you waiting for?


Dennis O’Brien

Classes at Woodridge, Jimboomba, Springwood, Spring Mountain, Logan Village and Logan East


Edwina Tam

Classes at Regents Park, Greenbank, Springwood, and Logan Village.

Numbers Speak Volumes









What Our Students Have to Say

Thoroughly enjoying my time at Tai Chi. Just one hour away from the daily grind is great at any time. The relaxing atmosphere and gentle movent exercise program really is like meditation.
When I first heard about classes in Logan I jumped at the chance. I'd heard so much about the health benefits. Anxiety was my enemy but since practicing to breathe correctly it helps so much.
I'd lead such a busy life as an executive before I retired. I was at a loose end before I started this program. I now realise how much my inner organs needed help. And such relaxing movements.
I had tried Tai Chi a couple of times before this. But each time would be the same. The teacher would just say follow what I do. Nobody had ever explained things the movements like this program does.
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